How to pick an ideal kitchen sink for your home

This guide helps you to select the right kitchen sink by throwing light on the pros and cons of the various types

Your kitchen sink is one of the most multi-functional fittings. The kitchen sink, a bowl-shaped basin with some depth, is used to wash hands, clean dishes, vegetables, etc. Hence, it should be convenient to use and aesthetically add to the cohesive look of the décor.


Kitchen sink materials

Kitchen sinks are made from a variety of materials such as stainless steel, copper granite, marble, acrylic composite, etc.
Stainless steel kitchen sink.

Stainless steel kitchen sink

How to pick an ideal kitchen sink for your home


Stainless steel (SS) sinks are the most popular, when it comes to home owner’s choices due to their compact design, durability and ease of cleaning. Stainless steel resists corrosion, does not chip, crack or wear out and is also non-porous and hygienic. Steel sinks are also affordable and versatile and can be installed in different ways – top mount, under mount, etc. A high-grade SS sink has a long life and goes well with the kitchen design as most appliances are also stainless steel.

Copper and bronze kitchen sink

How to pick an ideal kitchen sink for your home


Sinks made of copper and bronze add to the aesthetic appeal and they are non-rusting. However, these are expensive and need routine polishing, to maintain its shine and look.

Cast iron kitchen sink

How to pick an ideal kitchen sink for your home


It is a durable, heavy material that can bear almost any force and pressure. With an enamel coating, it becomes rust and corrosion-free. It has to be repainted regularly, to prevent damage. It requires proper under-mount support. Also, porcelain-coated cast iron sinks are noise absorbent and the glossy porcelain enamel coating provides hardness and durability. However, the enamel can wear away or chip over time.

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Natural stone kitchen sink

How to pick an ideal kitchen sink for your home


Kitchen sinks made from stones such as granite, soapstone, travertine and marble are heavy, with a durable surface and high sound absorbance. The cabinet below will have to be sturdy and it needs regular sealing on the sides, to prevent water leakage.

Fire clay kitchen sink

How to pick an ideal kitchen sink for your home


Kitchen sinks made from fireclay are durable and easy to maintain. However, it can get stained and it is expensive compared to other options.

Acrylic kitchen sink

How to pick an ideal kitchen sink for your home


Acrylic kitchen sinks have a smooth, non-porous surface that is resistant to staining. While it is lightweight and easy to clean, it is vulnerable to heat and not as durable as steel.

Composite kitchen sink

How to pick an ideal kitchen sink for your home


Composites consist of crushed granite or quartz and a resin binder. These sinks appear solid and can have a smooth surface or a slightly rough texture. It can be fixed above or below the platform and are available in standard configuration, sizes and shapes.

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Kitchen sink design

Kitchen sinks are categorised according its type of bowl (single, double or with a drainboard) and type of installation (top mount, under mount, integrated sinks, or farmhouse). Then there are bar/island and corner sinks. Consider the family size, kitchen space, interior design and budget, while choosing an appropriate one for your kitchen.

Single-bowl kitchen sink

The single-basin sink is large enough to wash big items such as kadais, idli stands and cookers. Single basins are ideal for large families and busy kitchens. Without corners or edges, single basin sinks are also easier to clean.

Double-bowl kitchen sink

Double-bowl sinks are rectangular with two side-by-side basins. The bowls, which have a divider, can be of the same size or different sizes. The second bowl can be used for rinsing and drying. Double-bowl sinks tend to take up more space than single-bowl sinks. A double-bowl sink is recommended for larger kitchens.

Sink with a drain-board for Indian houses

This kind of sink has a drainboard, akin to a drip tray attached to it, so it is perfect for Indian homes. The leftover water of vegetables and utensils drains into the sink only.

Under-mount sink

Under-mount sinks are fitted below the countertop. This sink style has a rim, which is not visible as it is attached to the bottom of the counter. It gives a unified look to the area around the sink and makes cleaning the countertop debris easier. An under-mount sink can only be used with solid surface countertops, such as granite, marble, composite, etc., as they are strong enough to hold the weight of a sink and its contents.

Top-mount sink

The top mount or drop-in sink fits into a cut-out in the countertop, on top of a base cabinet. These types of kitchen sinks are easier to install and are cost-efficient. However, they do not have the sleek appearance of under-mount kitchen sinks. Moreover, water and debris can collect around its edges.

Farmhouse sink

A farmhouse sink, which is also called an ‘apron sink’, has an exposed front-facing side. Earlier, farmhouse sinks were made from fireclay but nowadays it is made from stainless steel, cast iron and other composite materials. Farmhouse sinks can enhance both country and traditional kitchens.

Bar sink

The small size, bar sinks or prep sink is separated from the main sink, so that more than one cook can work together in the kitchen. These sinks are ideal, if you entertain guests frequently and have a spacious kitchen.

Corner sink

Corner sinks are apt for small kitchens, which have U or L-shaped kitchen counters. Corner sinks make it feasible to turn an unused corner of your kitchen into a convenient cleaning area.

Integrated sink

In an integrated sink, the counter extends right into the sink. Such kitchen sink designs are expensive and difficult to repair or remove and replace. This sink can also have a customised cover, to be fixed when not in use and opened when needed. It makes the countertop look large and sleek.

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Latest kitchen sink features

Modern kitchen sinks are available with various new features and accessories, such as drainer baskets or trays, strainers and chopping boards. While most kitchen sinks come with provision for a single faucet, a few can be fitted with spray nozzles or touch-less faucets, to make dish-washing easier. Separate faucets for cold and hot water, can make it easy to clean greasy utensils. There are also sinks built with the latest noise-cancellation technology. Several sinks also come with advanced drainage systems, to reduce the presence of standing water.

You can also opt for a sink with built-in garbage disposal, to dispose of food scraps, rather than throwing them in the trash.


Kitchen sink sizes and shapes: How to make the right choice

While buying a kitchen sink, measure the counter top and the kitchen cabinet. Consider the correct size- the standard sink size and dimensions are about 22 inches long to 30-33 inches wide. The dimensions can differ from nine inches in length, up to 40 inches for large sinks. Single-bowl sinks, on average, measure up to 30 inches in length. Standard double-bowl kitchen sink sizes are 22 inches by 33-36 inches.

The standard depth of a kitchen sink is eight to 10 inches. A deep bowl can accommodate more utensils and will reduce water splashing. However, a deeper bowl can cause a strain on one’s back. Someone, who prefers to hand wash their dishes, may prefer a deeper sink for soaking, or a bit more room to work.

Sinks come in shapes such as rectangular, square and circular. A rectangular sink holds more utensils compared to a round or oval-shaped bowl.


Kitchen sink brands in India

In India, there are several steel kitchen sinks brands available such as Nirali, Hindware, Futura, Crocodile, Franke, 10 x Luxury sink, Stanley, Jindal Prestige, Neelkanth, Hafele, Gargsons, Anupam, Zesta, Kohler, etc.


Kitchen sink price

Steel sink prices vary as per the size, brand, shape, style dealer, etc. A small-size sink can cost anywhere from Rs 2,200 to Rs 10,000, while large ones cost Rs 8,000 to 60,000 or more. The price of the sink increases with increasing thickness of the stainless steel. It is better to opt for a sink with 18-gauge or lower stainless steel. The lower the number, the thicker and higher quality it is. SS kitchen sinks usually are between 18 and 22 gauges.


Vastu for kitchen sinks

According to kitchen Vastu Shastra, the sink and taps should always be kept in the north-east direction. The sink should not be placed close to the stove that is on fire. Water and fire are opposite elements, as per Vastu. There should be no water leakage or water dripping from the sink or tap, as this can lead to financial problems at home.


Kitchen sink maintenance tips

  • Always place a strainer with fine holes over the drainage hole, to prevent food particles from clogging the drainage system.
  • Enclosing a wire grid into the sink will help prevent the sink from being scratched by heavy pots, pans, or baking dishes.
  • The sinks have to be cleaned as per the material it is made of. Steel sinks can be easily cleaned with a little soap and scrubbing.
  • If you have a porcelain enamel sink, never leave vinegar or other acidic foodstuffs on its surface for a long time, as exposure to acids can cause staining and permanently etch its surface.
  • Avoid using solvents, bleach, acids, steel pads and aggressive chemical cleaners, to clean the sink.
  • To maintain hygiene always clean the kitchen sink after usage and keep it dry for as long as possible.



Which is the most durable and easy to maintain kitchen sink?

Stainless steel is one of the most durable, long-lasting and easy-to-maintain material for kitchen sinks.

Which sink is the better, single or double bowl sink?

It depends on one’s usage and the size of the kitchen area.


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