All about Noida master plan

New Okhla Industrial Development Area (NOIDA) is one of the fastest growing suburbs in India. Here are some highlights from the Noida Master Plan 2031

It was in 1976, when the government of Uttar Pradesh notified 36 villages of the ‘Yamuna-Hindon-Delhi Border Regulated Area’ as New Okhla Industrial Development Area (NOIDA) to facilitate planned development of urban centres around Delhi. The original idea was to create an industrial town for small and medium-sized units that could handle the growing population in the capital city. This was the reason that the Noida Authority came into existence – to oversee the development and to prepare the master plan of Noida that would serve as a guiding document for infrastructure planning. In this article we examine the key features of the Noida Master Plan 2031.

Initially, when Noida was created, the plan was to develop sites for about 10,000 small-scale industrial units, which could provide employment to over 40,000 industrial workers and create an integrated township for all workers employed here. The master plan was later revised, to cater to one million people. To keep up with the development spree in the region, the master plan is regularly updated, to factor-in the growing need for space, infrastructure and connectivity. Here are some of the key highlights of the Noida Master Plan and what to expect in the near future.


All about Noida master plan

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Noida Master Plan 2031: Key highlights

  • The Noida Master Plan 2031 aims at strengthening road and rail infrastructure, to promote connectivity between adjoining areas such as Greater Noida, Delhi, Ghaziabad, etc. The master plan of Noida 2031 has been designed to capitalise on Noida’s high growth potential, due to its proximity to the capital city.
  • The master plan of Noida also aims to promote employment-generating activities, such as the creation of industrial parks, quality office spaces, commercial centres and IT parks, etc. and offer good quality of life to the residents here.


Noida Master Plan 2031: Population projection

Noida being one of the fastest-growing urban cities in India, the population projection has grown exponentially. While Noida Master Plan 2021 projected a total population of 12 lakhs, the figure crossed 10 lakhs in 2010 itself. It is also envisaged that the physical development of the entire Noida region will be completed by 2021 and almost all residential areas would be inhabited by 2031. Therefore, according to an estimate, the total population in Noida is expected to cross 2.5 million by 2031.

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Estimation of population in Noida for the year 2031

ItemsUnit/AreaPersons per unitNo of persons
Flats constructed by Noida Authority34,5074.5 people per unit1,55,281
Plots developed by Noida24,58713.5 persons per plot3,31,924
Plots for farmers3,50013.5 persons per plot47,250
Group housing area allotted before December 2008628.68 hectares700 people per hectare4,40,076
Group housing area allotted after December 2008396.77 hectares1,650 people per hectare6,54,671
Land transfer to Yamuna Expressway Authority500 hectaresAs per approved layout plan2,20,500
SEZ area100 hectares1,650 people per hectare1,65,000
Village abadi1,231 hectares400 people per hectare4,92,400
Total population25,07,102


According to the Noida Master Plan 2031, the following sectors will have 500 persons per hectare: Sectors 75, 74, 117, 118, 76, 77, 116, 115, 113, 112, 78, 107, 45, 168, 93B, 86, 143, 144, 151, 162 and 158.

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Land use distribution per the Noida Master Plan-2021 and Noida Master Plan-2031

Land UseProposed for 2031As approved for 2021
CategoryArea in hectaresPercentageArea in hectaresPercentage
Public and semi-public facilities1,357.978.891,219.008.15
Water body104.500.68104.500.69

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Noida Master Plan 2031: Proposed metro route

The Noida Master Plan 2031 also proposes extension of the metro rail connectivity from Noida City Centre to Bodaki Railway Station in Greater Noida through Pari Chowk. This will have around 14 new stations in Noida. The transport system will be integrated with the proposed and existing metro routes through stations and feeder bus services.


Noida Master Plan 2031: Proposed expressway

The Master Plan 2031 also proposes a new road link between Noida and Faridabad, which will connect the National Highway-2 with the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway near Sector 150 and Sector 152 of Noida. This proposed road link will help in connecting the NH-2 with Noida, Greater Noida, NH-91 and NH-24 near Hapur through a bypass road, proposed in Greater Noida Phase II.


Noida Master Plan 2031: Proposed industrial development

Till 2010, a total of about 1,267 hectares of industrial area had already been developed and as per the Master Plan 2031, a total area of about 2,806 hectares is planned to be developed as industrial area. Due to growing technical and allied industries in the region, some industrial sectors (as part of the SEZ) will also be developed as clusters of industries related to biotechnology and IT, etc. These industrial clusters will have independent industrial plots for entrepreneurs, multi-storeyed small units, research and development centers with common facilities and ancillary commerce, housing and recreational activities.

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Noida Master Plan 2031: Proposed commercial development

As per the Master Plan 2031, development of a commercial centre is proposed in Sector 32 and Sector 25A. For this, about 98.59 hectares of land has been reserved. Other commercial centres have been proposed at major junctions of roads and along the expressway and other major arterial roads, at different places in the city. The commercial centre at Sector 32-25A will house the leading shopping and business establishments, hotels and service apartments, offices, departmental stores, restaurant and food courts, entertainment and leisure centres, commercial and housing facilities and will be the core of Noida. Other commercial centres have been proposed in Sectors 94,124, 78, 105, 108, 135, 144, etc.

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What is the full-form of Noida?

Noida stands for New Okhla Industrial Development Area (NOIDA).

How to contact Noida Authority online?

You can contact Noida Authority through this portal:

What is the population of Noida?

By 2031, Noida’s population is expected to exceed 2.5 million people.


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