Property Trends

All about Bhopal master plan

The last master plan of Bhopal in 1995, was intended for a population of 15 lakhs. A lot has changed since then. With the city undergoing extraordinary growth, the authorities have come up with … READ FULL STORY

Property Trends

All about Noida master plan

It was in 1976, when the government of Uttar Pradesh notified 36 villages of the ‘Yamuna-Hindon-Delhi Border Regulated Area’ as New Okhla Industrial Development Area (NOIDA) to facilitate planned development of urban centres around … READ FULL STORY

Current News

Telangana assembly passes new municipalities bill

The Telangana assembly, on July 19, 2019, passed a municipal bill, which proposes citizen-friendly initiatives, such as self-assessment of property tax and tough measures including disqualification of elected members, for failure to ensure survival … READ FULL STORY