A guide to paying property tax Thane

Here is your detailed guide to paying the property tax Thane

Home owners in Thane have to pay the property tax Thane to the Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) twice a year – on April 1 and October 1 – under the provisions of the Maharashtra Municipal Corporation Act.


Online property tax payment Thane

Paying Thane property tax has been made simple and tax payers can use the official portal of the Thane Municipal Corporation (www.thanecity.gov.in) to pay the duty online. To visit the property tax payment page directly on the website, visit https://propertytax.thanecity.gov.in/. The website is available in Marathi and English.


Property tax Thane


Search for your property with property number or owner name. Select one of the two options to proceed with the Thane Municipal Corporation property tax payment online. Note that to be able to pay your property tax online in Thane, you need to register yourself on the TMC’s website.

To register on the portal, provide the details and documents as shown in the image below.


Thane property tax


Once the registration is complete, you will see the property tax amount on your screen. Now, you can proceed with the payment of your Thane property tax.

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Thane property tax online payment options

To pay the property tax Thane online, you will have to choose among payment options like internet banking, debit cards, credit cards or UPI.


Thane property tax payment offline

You will have to visit the Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) branch office to pay your property tax offline. You can make the payment either in cash or via a cheque.


Details required to pay property tax in Thane

  • Property zone
  • Property ward number
  • Colony name
  • Property type
  • Property ID
  • Owner name


Penalty on delay in property tax payment in Thane

Under the government of Maharashtra Gazette Extraordinary Part Four No. 14-27 April 2010 and the Maharashtra Municipal Corporation Act, property owners in Thane are liable to pay 2% of such tax for each month or part thereof after the last date on which the tax was due, as penalty for delay. The tax payer will continue to be responsible for paying such a penalty until the full amount is paid. Failure to pay the property tax on time (within 90 days) will increase the penalty interest and the tax payer will be liable for other legal actions.

In case you have to pay a penalty for late payment of your property tax in Thane, the TMC will first deduct the recovery expenses at the time of the payment. After this, the outstanding bills will be collected.

As a last resort, the TMC can seize the properties, if its owners fail to pay their property tax for a delayed period. In 2020, for example, the TMC sealed a total of 4,312 properties for non- payment of property tax.


Property tax Thane discount for early payment

For early birds, the Thane Municipal Corporation offers rebates in the range of 2%-3% of their outstanding amount.

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How to calculate property tax in Thane?

You can calculate the property tax Thane payable, by visiting the url https://myptax.thanecity.gov.in/FrmTaxCalcLogin.aspx

How to change name in property tax Thane?

To change the name in the property tax Thane records, one will have to fill an application form and also submit proofs such as last paid property tax receipt, proof of ownership such as copy of the sale deed and an NOC from the housing society.


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