How to pay Rajasthan land tax through e-Gras?

Land tax or property tax can be paid through the e-Gras in Rajasthan. In this article, you will get to know how to use the e-Gras portal

Owners of property in India are expected to pay a direct tax, in the form of property tax, throughout the course of their ownership over an immovable asset. This payment must be made by the owner to the local bodies, through online or offline channels. In this article, you will be able to understand how to pay land tax in Rajasthan through the Online Government Receipts Accounting System (e-GRAS). Besides land tax, all other transactions or taxes that constitute the government’s revenue, can be paid through the e-Gras portal.


Step by step guide to pay land tax through e-Gras

Step 1: Visit the official website of e-Gras. (click here). On your right-hand side, you will see the ‘sign in’ section. If you are a new user, you will need to create an account. There are a number of details you would be required to fill in, to register on the portal. This includes name, gender, contact details, marital status, address, TIN/Acct number/vehicle number/Tax ID and a security question that will keep your account secure.


egras raj


eGRAS Rajasthan


Note: Unregistered users can also avail of this facility by using ‘guest’ as the username and password. However, unregistered users will not be able to check the history or take a printout after the payment.

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Step 2: Create a profile. Select the required budget heads from the list of budget heads, which belong to the concerned department.


e-GRAS Rajasthan


Step 3: Next, select the department. In the case of payment of land tax, choose department 86, which is the registration and stamps department. Choose the treasury code and input other details like the office name, Government Receipt Number or GRN, bank name and the amount.


Rajasthan land tax


Rajasthan property tax


eGRAS Property tax Rajasthan


Step 4: Once you submit the details, the challan process will start. You will need to fill the e-challan details now. This includes district, office name, treasury, year, budget head, amount, type of payment (manual/ e-banking), name of the bank, remitter’s name, PIN, address and any other extra details on the challan.

Note: In case you are opting for manual banking, that is if you prefer to visit the bank branch to make the payment, you can take the printout of the challan in quintuplet.


eGRAS Rajasthan land tax


Step 5: You can view the challan and take the printout for reference. To submit the same challan with minor changes you can use ‘Repeat’. The printable copy of the e-challan will be generated with both the unique IDs (i.e., GRN and CIN) at the bank’s website, confirming the payment from the remitter’s / payee’s account.


How to pay Rajasthan land tax through e-Gras?


Note: For online banking process, the user has to have internet banking, as well as a transaction pass code. If opting for an offline banking process, users can select the bank details while submitting the challan.

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Commonly asked questions

What is the difference between two types of users?

A registered user has his/her own profile and will have the facility to access/view his previous transactions but non-registered users
cannot use these types of facilities.

Can I get extra copy of challan generated on eGRAS?

Yes, you can get extra copies from your account on eGRAS, by clicking on view/Pdf option.

Can a payment be made for the years which are not included/displayed in the list of financial years in eGRAS ?

Yes, you can make payment for such years by selecting the option ‘One Time’ given in the list of financial year.



What makes transactions unique on eGRAS site?

Transactions made on the eGRAS website are unique, thanks to the GRN, CIN and challan numbers. Also,in case of any query, one can quote the GRN number and nank name, for transactions made through eGRAS.

To keep your account safe, update your profile with the latest information. Also ensure that you change your passwords from time to time. Never reveal your user ID and password and it is recommended that you use your own ID, rather than using a guest account.


How to print e-challan on Rajasthan eGRAS

Registered users can print the e-challan from the eGRAS portal anywhere and anytime.


eGRAS Rajasthan challan


Sample of quintuplet e-challan for manual banking purposes


eGRAS challan


Sample of an e-challan with defaced stamp


How to pay Rajasthan land tax through e-Gras?



Rajasthan Budget 2021

Presenting the Rajasthan state budget for 2021-22 in the assembly, chief minister Ashok Gehlot slashed the DLC rates by 10% and reduced the registry rates for flats priced up to Rs 50 lakhs to 4% from the existing 6%. To provide some relief to those weighed down by the Coronavirus pandemic, no new taxes were imposed either. Agriculture, health and education were the priority sectors in the budget announcements.



What does the amount of land tax depend on?

It depends on various factors, such as the exact location of the land, size/area of the land, gender of the owner (as female owners are given discounts), age of the owner (senior citizens are offered rebates) and facilities provided by the local authority.

Can I pay non tax revenue tax through e-Gras?

Yes, collection of tax/non tax revenue happens through e-Gras.

What is the full form of GRN?

GRN is the Government Reference Number (GRN) which is created for each and every transaction.


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