Kolkata Metro route, map, stations and latest updates

Check out all the details about the Kolkata Metro map, route, stations and construction updates. The East-West corridor of the Kolkata Metro network will also include an underwater tunnel corridor set to be operational by 2023.

Kolkata is the first city in India where the metro rail urban mass rapid transit system was introduced, when operations began in 1984. Currently, the Kolkata Metro network includes two operational lines covering a total length of around 38 kms. The metro railway system in Kolkata has seen significant improvements over the years with the help of modern technology and new infrastructure.

Further, Kolkata is set to become the first city in India to get an underwater metro tunnel built for improving connectivity in the city. The Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation (KMRCL) is developing the East-West Metro corridor which includes an underwater tunnel that will pass beneath the river Hooghly. According to officials, the underwater tunnel in Kolkata is expected to be operational by 2023.

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Kolkata Metro construction details

With the inauguration of the North-South Metro route from Noapara to Dakshineswar in 2021, the upcoming metro corridors are also expected to improve connectivity, particularly in the highly congested areas of the city.

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Most of the construction for Line 1 is based on the Cut and Cover construction method, a traditional tunnelling method.

Further, the East-West Metro corridor project will have an underwater tunnel and the section will be equipped with all the necessary facilities and safety measures. There will be tunnels for the evacuation of passengers in case of any emergency. As per an official, 80% of the construction work is complete.

The Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (KMRCL), a government enterprise established in 2008, is undertaking the construction of the East-West corridor project of the Kolkata Metro. In July 2019, it handed over the operations of the Metro Line 2 to Metro Railway, Kolkata, which is the owner and operator of the Kolkata Metro, along with KMRCL. The Metro Railway, Kolkata, will also operate other metro lines after the completion of the construction work.

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Kolkata Metro route

In March 2022, the Kolkata Metro Railway officially assigned colour codes to the different metro corridors and the new extended metro lines under various phases of implementation.

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Kolkata Metro Line 1 (Blue Line)

Kolkata Metro Line 1 stations Layout
Dakshineswar Elevated
Baranagar Elevated
Noapara Elevated
Dum Dum Elevated
Belgachhia Underground
Shyambazaar Underground
Shobhabazar Sutanuti Underground
Girish Park Underground
Mahatma Gandhi Road Underground
Central Underground
Chandni Chowk Underground
Esplanade Underground
Park Street Underground
Maidan Underground
Rabindra Sadan Underground
Netaji Bhavan Underground
Jatin Das Park Underground
Kalighat Underground
Rabindra Sarobar Underground
Mahanayak Uttam Kumar At-Grade
Netaji Elevated
Masterda Surya Sen Elevated
Gitanjali Elevated
Kavi Nazrul Elevated
Shahid Khudiram Elevated
Kavi Subhash At-Grade

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The Line 1 of Kolkata Metro is the North-South Metro line. It is now referred to as the Blue Line. The route comprises 26 stations with 15 underground stations, two stations on the surface and 9 elevated stations. It covers about 32 kilometres of distance from Kavi Subhas to Dakshineswar.

The oldest metro line that was started in the city on October 24, 1984, was a small section of 3.4 kilometres, connecting Esplanade to Bhowanipore (now Netaji Bhavan). More sections were later opened, such as Tollygunge metro station to New Garia station along an elevated route. In 2013, the line was extended in the north with a new section connecting Dum Dum station to Noapara. In February 2021, a four-km section from Noapara to Dakshineswar became operational.

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Kolkata Metro Line 2 (Green Line)

Kolkata Metro Line 2 stations Layout
Teghoria / Haldiram Elevated
Raghunathpur Elevated
Baguiati Elevated
Dum Dum Park Elevated
Kestopur Elevated
Bandhan Bank Salt Lake Sector V Elevated
Karunamoyee Elevated
Central Park Elevated
LICI City Center Elevated
Bengal Chemical Elevated
IFA Salt Lake Stadium Elevated
Phoolbagan Underground
Sealdah Underground
Esplanade Underground
New Mahakaran Underground
Howrah Underground
Howrah Maidan Underground


The Kolkata Metro Line 2 route includes a total of 17 stations with 11 elevated stations and six underground stations spanning a distance of 22 kms. On February 13, 2020, the first phase of the East West Metro corridor from Salt Lake Sector V to Salt Lake Stadium was inaugurated. The Phoolbagan Metro station was the first underground metro station in the East West Metro route to be opened.

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Kolkata Metro underwater tunnel

The 16.6-kilometre-long East-West Metro corridor includes 5.8 kms of the elevated route and 10.8 kms of an underground section. Of this 16.6-km stretch, 520 metres will be under the riverbed of the river Hooghly. The twin cities of Kolkata and Howrah will be connected by an underwater tunnel that will be developed 33 metres below the riverbed of the river Hooghly. The Green Line will finally connect Howrah with Teghoria.


Kolkata Metro Line 3 (Purple Line)

The Line 3 of the Kolkata Metro is under construction. The route will start from Joka Metro station in the south and connect Esplanade in the north, covering a distance of around 15 kms. The project will be developed by Rail Vikas Nigam Limited (RVNL) owned by the Indian Railways.


Kolkata Metro Line 4 (Yellow Line)

The Line 4 or the Yellow Line will connect Noapara and Barasat in North 24 Parganas. This Kolkata Metro route, which is under construction, will be around 16.8 kms.


Kolkata Metro Line 5 (Pink Line)

A 12.5-km metro stretch will be developed, connecting Baranagar to Barrackpore as part of the Kolkata Metro’s Pink Line route.


Kolkata Metro Line 6 (Orange Line)

This 29.8-km route of Kolkata Metro will link New Garia with Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport via the two satellite towns of Salt Lake and New Town. Once opened, metro Line 6 will provide easy access to the Kolkata Airport, especially for those living in the southern and the eastern parts of the city.


Kolkata Metro map

Kolkata Metro route, map, stations and latest updates

Source: Metro Railway, Kolkata


Kolkata Metro route, map, stations and latest updates

 *Map of East West Metro Corridor

Source: KMRC

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Kolkata Metro construction timeline

October 1984 The oldest metro line connecting Esplanade to Netaji Bhavan in Bhowanipore was started in Kolkata.
September 1995 The 16.45-km stretch from Dum Dum to Tollygunge Metro station became operational.
February 2009 The foundation stone for the underwater metro tunnel was laid.
March 2009 Construction work on the underwater metro tunnel was started.
October 2010 The final, 1.58-km stretch, from Kavi Nazrul to Kavi Subhash started functioning.
December 2010 Metro Railway was granted the status of a Zonal railway.
July 2013 A new section from Dum Dum to Noapara became operational.
July 2019 KMRC handed over the Line 2 Metro operations to Kolkata Metro Railway.
February 2020 Phase 1 of the East-West corridor from Salt Lake Sector V to Howrah Maidan became operational.
October 2020 The East-West Metro corridor was extended from Salt Lake Stadium metro station to Phoolbagan metro station.
February 2021 A section of around 4 kms from Noapara to Dakshineswar became operational.


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Kolkata Metro latest updates

Kolkata Metro network plans to cover 100 kilometres by 2026

According to the Metro Railway general manager, Arun Arora, the Kolkata Metro network is likely to cover a length of about 100 kilometres in the next four years. This will include Phase 1 of Joka to Esplanade and New Garia to the Kolkata airport sections.

Further, the Sealdah section will become operational in April 2022.



When was the first metro started in Kolkata?

The first metro section in Kolkata that became operational was a small section of a 3.4-kilometre stretch from Esplanade to Netaji Bhavan in Bhowanipore.

Is Kolkata Metro Line 2 operational?

Phase 1 of the East West Metro corridor, connecting Salt Lake Sector V to Salt Lake stadium, was inaugurated on February 13, 2020.


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