Talegaon: A secure investment destination in the current times

We look at why Talegaon may emerge as a safe region for property investments for end-users and investors alike, in the new scenario following the Coronavirus pandemic

When the market is volatile, investors should focus on safe investment options. This involves finding real estate destinations, where the property rates are realistic, employment opportunities are present, businesses are flourishing and infrastructure is robust. This leads to the question: Is there any destination available with such aspects, where you can invest money in the realty sector?

If you invest in a property market where growth is saturated, such as in most metro cities, you may face higher volatility and risk. On the other hand, if you invest in a realty market such as Talegaon, which is close to the periphery of metro cities like Pune and Mumbai, then, your investment is likely to have a better chance to earn higher returns. Let us find out the factors that make Talegaon a secure investment destination, in the current market situation.


Business growth and employment potential in Talegaon

There are many industries already operating in Talegaon. Companies like L&T, General Motors, JCB, M&M, Bajaj Auto, etc., are already present and it opens up doors for ancillary and other businesses in the area. Hinjewadi IT Park is also within a distance of 25 kms. Panchsheel and Rajiv Gandhi Tech Park are situated within 25-50 Kms. There are other tech parks located in its vicinity too. Consequently, this high business potential results in great employment opportunities.

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Investment prospect in Talegaon, compared to metro cities

In the pre-COVID-19 period, people preferred to invest in real estate in the metropolitan cities, as they offered a better chance to earn a high return on investment (ROI). Now, many people have opted to work from home. They find metros to be unsafe, due to lack of social distancing and huge population. On the other hand, properties in Talegaon offers excellent social distancing and broad roads, which are not crowded. People can work from home in Talegaon and if required, they can occasionally travel to their Pune or Mumbai offices, for work. In the current market situation, as well as in the future, people will prefer such locations that offer better social distancing and social and physical infrastructure. So, Talegaon may witness high demand from home buyers and investors.

“As we adapt to and embrace the new normal world, there will be a greater emphasis on well-being, sustainability and business continuity planning within real estate. Real estate, as an asset class, is here to stay. However, it is inevitable to reinvent, to stay relevant in this new paradigm,” says Ramesh Nair, CEO and country head, JLL India.


Rental return and capital appreciation in Talegaon

Investment in realty has dual benefits – i.e., capital appreciation and rental income. Talegaon has a large migrant population, with people employed in industries and companies locally. They create demand in the residential rental market, which is consistently evolving. In the long-term, these emerging businesses and employment opportunities will convert into demand for residential properties, resulting in capital appreciation.

“People in Pune and Mumbai are aggressively exploring realty destinations, which are safer for living, amid the COVID-19 crisis. Health and hygiene are their priority. If they buy a property in Talegaon, it not only provides them more safety from COVID-19 in comparison to Pune and Mumbai but also offers the opportunity to get a bigger home at a lesser capital expenditure. The property at Talegaon can be used as a second home, for work-from-home purposes, or to earn rental income. The risk on investment is very low in Talegaon’s realty market, as capital involvement is not high,” says Raj Shah, director, Namrata Group.


Property options in Talegaon

Talegaon’s realty market offers properties for all segments of home buyers, whether they are senior citizens, retirees, self-employed, businessmen, or salaried individuals, in the affordable and non-affordable segments. It also offers liquidity to investors by allowing them to exit their investment whenever they want to, in the future. With high liquidity and excellent return prospects in terms of capital and rental appreciation, Talegaon is the realty destination you may not want to ignore, if you are looking forward to investing money in real estate.


Why Talegaon’s realty market is a secure investment option

  • Property rates are already low and so, there is little chance of downward correction.
  • Stable demand in spite of the COVID-19 crisis; once the pandemic is over, demand may surge.
  • Ideal location for self-employed and salaried people.
  • Good rental demand, because of its proximity to Pune and Mumbai.
  • Attractive options available for senior living and work-from-home purpose.


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