‘Trash happens one bag at a time, we dispose one bag at a time’

Daily Dump, an organic business venture, has collaborated with local potter communities to create the much-needed efficiency in wet waste disposal

Poonam Kasturi, a Bengaluru resident and an independent entrepreneur, has set up Daily Dump, an organic business venture that transforms garbage into valuable compost. The business, established in 2006, started off as a small venture which has today grown multifold – its turnover in 2015 has been Rs 1.20 crores. With 35,000 dedicated customers across India who keep waste out of landfills on a daily basis, the company handles around 25,000 kgs of garbage, daily. Kasturi offers different types of composters that convert kitchen waste into fertilisers. In turn, the pressure on landfills is reduced, thereby, lessening the burden on municipal agencies, and the quality of soil is enriched as well.

Kasturi, a green crusader, firmly believes that “We should not dump garbage; we should manage it.” However, waste management has to look aesthetically pleasing as well, for people to take pride in doing it. The idea of Daily Dump was thus, born to help people segregate and manage their wet waste at home, making our earth greener and cleaner.

“Segregation at source, into dry and wet waste, increases the value of each type of waste,” points out Kasturi. “60% of the mixed waste that each household disposes, is compostable. Why should we pay for our garbage to be transported long distances out of the city, only to be dumped into landfills? If each home segregated waste at source, the remaining 40% could be further reduced. It would be a win-win for all homes. However, urban India has still not found an effective way for efficient disposal. Trash happens one bag at a time, and we will remove it one bag at a time, as well,” declares the NID graduate, who’s inspired by the TV series ‘Trashopolis’. So much so, that Kasturi gave up her day job that involved marketing and designing industrial products, in order to pursue her passion of waste management.

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Kasturi has collaborated with the potter community for a steady supply of terracotta (kambha) composters which are eco-friendly and look stylish too. It should be mandatory for each household to have two bins: one wet and one dry, she feels. Wet waste such as vegetables refuse, peels, tea, eggshells, etc., can be turned into compost with a carbon catalyst in the form of dry leaves, sawdust, etc. The addition of microbes to the mixture kick-starts the composting process, and breaks down the garbage into rich black compost, in approximately six weeks. This is an excellent addition to the top soil of the earth, and great for gardening, by providing plants with much-needed nutrition.

Currently, Daily Dump is headquartered in Bengaluru with 25 outlet partners, all over the country, who stock and supply their products. With the explosive growth of cities, and the garbage crisis increasing exponentially, Kasturi and her team wish to empower citizens and spread awareness about better waste management.


Green tips you can use:

  • Separate waste into wet and dry.
  • Send hazardous e-waste like batteries to authorised recyclers.
  • Give dry waste to the dry waste collection center (DWCC) in your area.
  • Refuse plastic bags, containers, etc. Carry your own cloth bag instead.


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