How to pay AMC Property Tax?

AMC Property Tax is a recurring charge that home owners have to pay every year.

Owners of properties or plots in Ahmedabad, are liable to pay the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation Property Tax to the Amdavad Municipal Corporation (AMC) every year.

What is Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) Property Tax?

The AMC Property Tax has one of the more user-friendly and technologically advanced property tax payment systems for municipal tax bill in the country and this is evident from the fact that Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation Property Tax bill payments have increased significantly. AMC is responsible for enforcing reforms at the Ahmedabad Municipal Tax and having a zero litigation record.


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AMC Property Tax incentive 2024

In a bid to regularise property tax defaults, the AMC has has introduced a 100%  rebate on interest on payment of AMC Property Tax for people with residential property tax arrears for 2023-24 between February 15 to March 31, 2024.  Note that the property tax calculation will however be done using a new formula.

If property owners of flats, apartments, bungalow/villas opt for old formula calculation, then they will get a rebate of 75%. Only slum and chawl dwellers can make use of the 100% rebate on interest on property tax calculated according to old formula.

People with commercial property will only get a rebate of 60% on interest.


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AMC Property Tax 2024: How to calculate?

The AMC Property Tax is calculated on a property based on its capital value. This system of calculation has been in effect since 2001 and takes into consideration the following factors – location of the property, type of property, age of property and its usage in Ahmedabad.

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The formula for manual calculation of AMC property tax is as follows:

AMC Property tax = Area x Rate x (f1 x f2 x f3 x f4 x fn)


f1 = weightage given to the location of the property

f2 = weightage given to the type of property

f3 = weightage given to the age of the property

f4 = weight assigned to residential buildings

fn = weight assigned to the user of the property

The values attached to all the above weights are available on the AMC’s website Ahmedabad municipal corporation property tax website.

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AMC property tax rate 2024

Property type under Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation AMC property tax rate
Non-residential property Rs 28
Residential property Rs 16

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Taxes charged by AMC

Types of tax  Tax rates
Water tax 30-45 % general tax
Education concession 10% general tax
Conservancy Tax 30-45% general tax

AMC Property Tax 2024: What is tenement number? 

It is a unique property identification number (PUID) that is given at the time registering your property.

AMC Property Tax 2024: How to pay offline in Ahmedabad?

You can pay your AMC property tax manually at any of the city’s civic centres.

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Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation Property Tax online payment

This is also the fastest way to pay your AMC property tax to the Ahmedabad municipal corporation. AMC online property tax can be paid on You can go about property tax pay online through the ‘Ahmedabad AMC’ mobile android app.

  • On the, under online services click on pay property tax to proceed with AMC property tax bill payment online.

  • Click on pay property tax.
  • Enter your ‘Tenement Number’ and click on search.

AMC Property Tax

  • You will be shown the details for Ahmedabad municipal corporation property tax bill such as name of owner, address, occupier (if any) and the amount that you owe as property tax.
  • Click on ‘pay’ icon for paying the amount. You will be redirected to another page, displaying the tenement details and the amount to be paid. There will be fields requiring your mobile number and e-mail.
  • Click on ‘confirm’ to proceed to the payment gateway. If you are making the payment online or through the app, you can use internet banking or your debit/credit card.

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You will receive the Ahmedabad municipal corporation property tax/ AMC property tax payment receipt on your email ID. You can also check the receipt of property tax bill details on the website.

AMC property tax 2024: When is the last date to pay?

AMC collects half-yearly AMC property tax payments and the last dates for payments are usually March 31 and October 15, every year. However, this is subject to change at the AMC’s discretion. Defaults and delays in AMC property tax payment invite a two per cent per month penalty and the penalty amount is added to the next AMC property tax bill.

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Download the AMC app here (Android): 

AMC mobile app

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AMC property tax 2024: Print payment receipt

To get the receipt of your AMC property tax bill, click on download property tax receipt on Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. Enter the tenement number and proceed.

AMC property tax 2024: How to pay on Paytm?

AMC online property tax payers can also pay their dues on Paytm, by following a few simple steps:

*Visit the Paytm AMC Property Tax landing page.

*Enter the property number and proceed to the AMC property tax payment page.

*Make the AMC property tax payment using your Paytm wallet, UPI, credit card or debit card.

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AMC property tax 2024: Self assessment

Click on self assessment that is listed under Tax department or go to

AMC Self assessment

Here, enter the factor details -type of property, rate of tax, usage factor-building group, usage code, building type and usage type rate, location factor-land value, location factor, location factor rate, occupancy factor- type of occupancy, occupancy factor rate, government building, water zone and floor details –floor description, discount rate, construction year, age factor rate, carpet area and total area.

Now press on evaluate tax to get the approximate AMC online property tax to be paid.

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AMC property tax 2024: Dues and paid details

To check your AMC property tax dues and paid details, under online services without login go to tax department and under it choose property tax dues and paid details. You will reach


AMC Property Tax

Enter tenement number and click on search dues to check the AMC property tax dues and click on search paid to check the AMC property tax paid details.

AMC Property Tax: Download name transfer receipt

Click on download name transfer receipt to download.

AMC Property Tax

AMC property tax 2023: Know the tenement number

Click on Search tenement listed under Tax department or go to

AMC know the tenement

Choose Zone and Ward from the drop down box, owner name, occupier name, address and search to access details.

How to pay AMC Property Tax in advance?

All property owners can pay the AMC Property Tax in advance in April every financial year. By opting for advance tax payment, property owners will get a rebate on the total property tax to be paid. Note that the rebate may change as per the decision made by the AMC.

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation: Property tax auction notice

To check the AMC property tax auction notice, click on property tax auction notice under the Downloads. Click on the notice that you want to check and it will get downloaded on your computer.

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation: Download forms

To download the various forms related to AMC property tax, click on ‘Forms and Fonts’ under downloads. You will reach

On this page, under property tax, you can see a list of forms. Click on the form that you want and it will get downloaded on your computer as a PDF.

AMC download forms

Scroll down the page to access all forms available on Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation online page including the property return declaration form under AMC forms.

AMC property tax 2024: Update citizen details

For getting better civic services, update your details by filling the form on AMC property tax website by clicking on–m5fEY9fRmWEvRlSTWAx5rCvwD9Q/viewform

On the form enter details like email id, full name, mobile number, tenement number and electricity service number and submit.

AMC google form citizen services

Ahmedabad real estate

Ahmedabad as a city is a rich real estate destination as it is an important business district. It is one of the eight important cities in India, when it comes to real estate tracking. The important realty markets that have gained traction here are the Narol-Naroda Road and Chandkheda-Motera belt where there is a supply of good range of properties across budgets. The connectivity adds to the demand that this place commands. Additionally, Ellis Bridge, Chanakyapuri and Ranip are localities that have seen demand in residential activities.

AMC Property Tax: Latest news

December 7, 2023

AMC to give 10% tax rebate with GreenBlueYellow Roof incentive scheme

The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) has plans to launch the GreenBlueYellow  (GBY) Roof incentive scheme for bungalows, flats and rowhouses, under which property taxpayers will be granted a rebate of 10% on their annual tax.  To avail the scheme, under the guidelines of General Development Control Regulations (GDCR), the property owners should create terrace gardens, have solar roof panels and have underground tanks to conserve rainwater that will result in energy conservation. The AMC will soon roll out guidelines for scheme.


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AMC property tax: Contact information

For any query regarding AMC property tax services, you may call 155303. For any query pertaining to AMC property tax bill online payments (professional and AMC property tax), you can contact on the following numbers or write to [email protected] .



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AMC Property Tax portal is one of the most advanced property tax portals in the country today. It is user friendly and online payment can be done quickly. While paying advance property tax is recommended owing to the rebates one get to avail of, property owners should least pay the property tax on time to avoid penalty. If repeated notices to pay property tax is not addressed, property owners may also risk losing their properties as they may be attached and auctioned.


Where can I get details about AMC Property Tax?

You can get details about AMC Property Tax on the AMC portal.

What is tenement number in Ahmedabad?

Its in a unique number that is given to every property owner using which they can pay their property tax.

Can I pay AMC property tax without a login?

Yes, you can pay Ahmedabad municipal tax property tax without login under the ‘Online Services’ tab.

How can I get in touch with AMC?

You can write to the Ahmedabad municipal corporation at [email protected]. For queries regarding Ahmedabad municipal corporation online services, contact the authority on any of these numbers: +91-79-27556182; +91-79-27556183; +91-79-27556184; +91-79-27556187.

When do I have to pay advance tax?

The Ahmedabad municipal corporation advance tax scheme is generally announced in the month of April every financial year. Advertisements are given in newspapers, regarding this.


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