12 Clever DIY Christmas Tree Hacks

Enjoy! 1) Simplicity with wires Source: http://bit.ly/1ITSUGR Make merry with minimal material! Use wires and a climber’s cage as the basic tree frame, and dress it up with Christmas-themed fairy lights. You could have colourful … READ FULL STORY

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Digitising property records

Prime minister Narendra Modi’s digital India initiative aims to connect all Indian states through the internet. It’s one of the most ambitious visions for Indian real estate. It will help rural citizens get electronic … READ FULL STORY


Apps that aid renting of homes

Hyderabad resident Mihir Handa, moved to Mumbai recently. Naturally, he had been skimming through the innumerable websites that facilitate renting homes. However, most of them directed him to a broker who charges at least … READ FULL STORY