All about Haryana’s Jamabandi website and services

For land related information in Haryana, citizens need to log on to the Jamabandi HALRIS official website. Here is information about how citizens can access services such as property registration and deed registration status, mutation, court cases and status etc.

If you are looking to get land record documents in Haryana, the official Jamabandi website is where you should be looking. Jamabandi is a part of the record-of-right and establishes the ownership, cultivation and various other rights in land. It is prepared by the Patwari and attested by the Revenue Officer. One of the copies of the Jamabandi remains with the Patwari while the other is with the District Record Room. It is revised every five years.

Here’s a look at how you can use the Jamabandi and the Haryana Land Records Information System(HALRIS) website.

(The HALRIS includes all the major modules like Jamabandi, Mutation, Khasra Gridawari, Roznamcha, Jamabandi Consignment and Jamabandi Nakal. Mobile app to capture the details of the Khasra Gridwari was also developed and is currently under testing.)


View Jamabandi Nakal online


Step 1: Go to the ‘Jamabandi’ tab on the homepage of Jamabandi official website. Tap on it to go to ‘Jamabandi Nakal’.


All about Haryana’s Jamabandi website and services


Step 2: You can find the Nakal details by owner name, by khewat, by khasra/survey number or by the date of mutation. Click on any one to proceed. In the image below, we have opted to proceed by opting for the owner name. Fill in the required details and proceed.


All about Haryana’s Jamabandi website and services


Step 3: Proceed with all relevant information. In this case, we have opted for an owner as a private owner. Once you input the right details, the Nakal details will be displayed.


All about Haryana’s Jamabandi website and services


Registered deeds on the website

There are many kinds of deeds:

  • Sale deed: Agricultural land or urban property.
  • Mortgage deed: Without possession for agricultural land: Without possession for Plot/Flat/With possession for Plot/Flat.
  • General Power of Attorney
  • Transfer of property: Agricultural, house/shop, plot/house, plot/house lal dora/HUDA.
  • Lease deed: Agricultural land, plot/house.
  • Release deed
  • Redemption of Mortgage 
  • Revocation of power of attorney
  • Agreement
  • Exchange
  • Gift deed
  • Surrender of lease
  • Rent deed

To check any of these, you can use the Jamabandi website. Simply go to Property Registration > View registered deed. The templates of all these deeds can be viewed here. However, for any of the registry, you will have to book an appointment.


How to check deed appointment availability of Jamabandi website?

Simply go to the Property registration tab on the homepage and click on ‘Check Deed Appointment Availability’. The following screen will show up.


All about Haryana’s Jamabandi website and services


All about Haryana’s Jamabandi website and services


Step 2: Depending upon the day you wish to get an appointment, enter the number of days and a list of appointment dates will be shown.


All about Haryana’s Jamabandi website and services


How to check collector rates

Step 1: Under the ‘Property Registration’ tab on the homepage, go to ‘Collector Rate’ option. Suppose you want to see the collector rates for 2017-18 for Gurgaon Sector 67, simply fill in the details as follows and submit it.


All about Haryana’s Jamabandi website and services


Mutation-related services on Jamabandi website:

You can view the mutation order, check mutation status and get mutation status of deeds on the official website.

Here’s how to check the mutation status of a property:

Step 1: Use the ‘check mutation status’ option under the ‘mutation’ tab.

Step 2: Fill in the district, tehsil and date to arrive at the correct data.

Step 3: Check the mutation nakal of the required property from the ones displayed as a result.


All about Haryana’s Jamabandi website and services


How to check revenue court orders?

Step 1: Go to the ‘Court cases’ tab on the homepage.

Step 2: Click on ‘Revenue court status’.

Step 3: You will be redirected to another window. On your left hand side, a drop down list will give you the option of ‘view case status’.

Step 4: Fill up the required details such as location, name of the advocate, court, case ID, etc.


All about Haryana’s Jamabandi website and services


Step 5: Submit it to get the results.


All about Haryana’s Jamabandi website and services


How to check civil court cases on Jamabandi website?

Step 1: Go to ‘Court Cases’>> Civil court cases

Step 2: Enter details such as district, tehsil, village, khasra number, etc., to view the status


All about Haryana’s Jamabandi website and services



What services can be availed through the Jamabandi website?

Through the Jamabandi website, you can obtain information about property registration, jamabandi nakal, collector rates, mutation, cadastral maps, court cases, answers to almost all your land related queries.

What does Jamabandi mean?

Jamabandi is the record of rights. The website defines it as ‘A document prepared as part of record-of-right in every revenue estate. It contains entries regarding Ownership, cultivation and up-to-date of various rights in land’.

What is mutation?

On change of ownership, changes must be made in government records to reflect the change. This process is known as mutation.


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