All about property and land registration in Bihar

We explain the procedure to be followed by buyers, for registering their home or land purchase, in Bihar

As most states have now made it possible to register property online, buyers, including those in the state of Bihar, can avail of this facility to register their newly-purchased immovable assets, including flats and land. Buyers in Bihar can complete this process by visiting the portal.

However, for the biometric check, the buyer, along with the seller and two witnesses, have to make an appearance at the office of the sub-registrar concerned, after making an online appointment. At the appointed time, the buyer and the seller must appear at the sub-registrar’s office, along with two witnesses, who must also carry their identity and address proofs.


Property registration in Bihar

As with real estate transactions anywhere in India, property buyers in Bihar have to get the title registered with the sub-registrar’s office, as per the provisions of the Registration Act, 1908. Additionally, buyers have to abide by the rules provided under the Bihar Registration Rules, 2008. Under the existing laws Bihar property and land registration process must be completed within four months, from the date on which the transaction took place.

It is pertinent to mention here that buyers have to generally pay 6% of the transaction value as stamp duty and 2% of the value as registration charges, to complete the formality. However, in case the property is being sold from a man to a woman, the stamp duty charges would be 5.7%. If the opposite is true, the duty will be 6.3%. Similarly, in case the property is being sold from a man to a woman, the registration charge would be 1.9%. If it is sold from a woman to a man, the charge will be 2.1%

In spite of several calls from the centre and the union Housing Ministry, most states have not announced any reduction in the stamp duty and registration charges on property purchases after the Coronavirus crisis. Only a handful of states like Maharashtra, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh, have announced reductions in these duties, to encourage buyers to invest in properties, to support economic activity. Even though Bihar charges a comparatively high rate of stamp duty and registration charges, it has not announced any reduction in these duties, so far.

In the standard scenario, the buyer will pay Rs 3 lakhs (at 6%) as stamp duty and Rs 1 lakh as the registration charge, for a property worth Rs 50 lakhs.

Chapter 2 of the Bihar Registration Act says that the registration of the documents has to be done through a computerised process, using software prescribed by the Department of Registration. Discussed below is the detailed procedure that buyers in Bihar should follow, to register their home and land purchases.

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How to check Minimum Value Register (MVR) rate in Bihar?

In Bihar, one can evaluate the cost of a piece of land or plot, using the minimum value register (MVR) tool. Here is how to check the MVR on the Bhumijankari website:

On the homepage, click on the ‘View MVR’ option.


Bihar Bhumijankari


Once you select the district, circle and local body name, you will be able to view the valuation, as shown in the image below.


Bihar Bhumi Jankari


Documents required for property/land registration in Bihar

  • A copy of the sale agreement.
  • Map of the plot.
  • Copies of the identity proofs of the buyers and the sellers.
  • Copies of the PAN cards of the buyers and the sellers.
  • Copy of the challan of stamp duty payment.


How to prepare registration documents in Bihar

A variety of documents have to be submitted by the buyer and the seller, at the time of property registration. While collecting these documents, you should ensure that the documents are prepared either on stamp paper or on plain A-4 size paper of the standard of royal executive bond paper. All enclosed maps and plans should be on A-4 size bond paper.

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Step-wise guide to register land/property in Bihar

Here is a step-by-step guide to property registration in the state of Bihar:

Step 1: Visit the official portal of the department of registration On the page that appears, click on the ‘E-services for Registration’ option.


Bihar Property & Land Registration


Step 2: On the following page, select from among the many options that appear. Buyers who want to register their flats or apartments, have to select the ‘Land/property registration’ option.


Bihar Property & Land Registration


Step 3: On the following page, while registered users can key in their email ID/mobile number, password and captcha and ‘Log In’ to process, new users will have to click on the ‘New Registration’ option.


Bihar Property & Land Registration


Bihar Property & Land Registration


Step 4: Once the user provides all the details, they will receive an OTP on their mobile/email ID that has to be used to activate the account.

Step 5: A registered user has to then key in the property details and submit all the property-related documents to proceed. Once you have uploaded all the documents, press the ‘Save’ button.

Step 6: Once the scanned copies of your documents are saved, you will be directed to a page that would provide you the option to ‘Pay now’. To carry on with the online payment, select the payment mode and click on the ‘online payment’ button.

Step 7: After the payment has been successful, the applicant will be provided with the eStamp. A registration number and an acknowledgement slip will be generated. A time slot will also be booked for the buyer to visit the sub-registrar’s office in person, along with the seller and two witnesses, to complete the process.

Step 8: All parties involved have to visit the sub-registrar’s office at the appointed time slot, along with all the property-related documents and address and identity proofs. The official in-charge will examine all the papers, following which the signatures, photographs and fingerprints of the buyer, the seller and the witnesses will be collected. With this, the process of property registration will conclude.


Return of the registered documents

According to the Bihar Registration Rules, 2008, the sub-registrar’s office must return the registered documents right after the process has been completed.

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Bihar to launch software to offer property registration and mutation simultaneously

With an aim to reduce the number of land-related disputes and also offer speedy services to land owners, the state government, on April 1, 2021, launched a new software that will link the sub-registrar offices in Bihar with the circle offices, to ensure that land mutation and property registration are done simultaneously. Once the parties involved in a transaction fill up the mutation forms and land registration documents, the papers will be simultaneously forwarded to the circle office from the sub-registrar’s office, for immediate registration and mutation. The software will be useful for those buyers who buy land from an owner with jamabandi records.



What is the stamp duty on property registration in Patna?

Buyers have to pay 6% of the property’s value as stamp duty in Patna.

How much registration charge do buyers have to pay on property purchase in Bihar?

Buyers have to pay 2% of the property’s value as registration charge in Bihar.

Can I register my property online in Bihar?

Buyers can partially complete the property registration process online in Bihar. To complete the process, they will eventually have to make a physical appearance at the sub-registrar’s office.


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